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  (PayPal account not required - credit/debit cards accepted)
        Since A Man's Pink operates in both Canada and the United States and monies are spent to promote MBC awareness in both countries, in order to eliminate exchange charges, contributions can be made to either the Canadian and/or US Paypal account as shown above.

         The website (MBC) was founded in 2008 and in July 2009, the organization A Man's Pink was formed to support the website. On October 6 2011, A Man's Pink was incporporated as a not-for-profit organization in Canada and Florida in January 2012.

        On October 15th 2011, A Man's Pink was announced as one of the 30 finalists in the Pink Well Challenge and will receive a matching grant for funds raised to promote MBC awareness up until May 15th 2012.   

        All of our directors have graceously volunteered their time and talents to successfully support A Man's Pink and increase MBC awareness.  Consequently we have absoutely NO ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES and therfore, 100% of the monies raised will go directly to increasing MBC awareness.        


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